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As of 2020, the estimated population of Virginia was approximately 8.5 million people. The state has a relatively diverse population, with a racial and ethnic makeup that includes White (60.1%), Black or African American (19.6%), Asian (7.3%), Hispanic or Latino (9.9%), and two or more races (2.6%). Given that it is such a diverse place, it is an ideal area for a Healthcare Quality Professional, as it is welcoming to newcomers. The median age of Virginia residents is 38.5 years old. Virginia has a predominantly urban population, with the majority of residents living in the state’s metropolitan areas. The largest metropolitan area is the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, which includes parts of northern Virginia. Other major metropolitan areas include Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk. In terms of education, Virginia has a relatively well-educated population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 39.7% of Virginia residents over the age of 25 hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, which is higher than the national average. Overall, Virginia is a state with a diverse and educated population that is primarily concentrated in its urban areas. 

cost of living

According to data from Numbeo, the cost of living in Virginia is higher than the national average in the United States. However, it is worth noting that the cost of living can vary depending on the specific city or region. Housing tends to be one of the biggest expenses in Virginia, with the median home price in the state higher than the national average. Other factors that can impact the cost of living in Virginia include transportation, healthcare, and utilities. While some areas may be more expensive than others, there are also many affordable options for those on a budget. In terms of taxes, Virginia has a progressive income tax system with a top marginal tax rate of 5.75%. The state also has a sales tax rate of 5.3% (combined state and local) and property taxes that vary by county. Overall, the tax burden in Virginia is slightly higher than the national average. However, the state’s strong economy and employment opportunities can make up for the higher cost of living and taxes. Virginia is home to many industries, including technology, government, and healthcare, with major employers such as Amazon, Capital One, and the U.S. government. The state also has a highly educated workforce, with many top-ranked universities and colleges, such as the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. Additionally, Virginia’s diverse geography offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, and boating, making it a popular destination for nature lovers. It is an ideal area for Healthcare Quality Professionals searching for a unique location with a thriving economy. 


Virginia has a strong and well-regarded education system, with a variety of public and private institutions to choose from. The state is home to some of the nation’s top-ranked universities, including the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and William & Mary. In addition to these well-known schools, Virginia also has a number of smaller colleges and universities, as well as a comprehensive community college system. Virginia is also committed to ensuring that all students have access to quality education from a young age. The state has a voluntary pre-kindergarten program for four-year-olds, and all children are required to attend school from age six to 18. Virginia has a strong focus on STEM education and is investing in programs that help prepare students for high-demand careers in fields like technology, engineering, and healthcare. Overall, Virginia’s education system is highly regarded, offering a range of options for students at all levels and a commitment to ensuring that all students have access to quality education. Due to the many academic opportunities, it is a great place for Healthcare Quality professionals to move to with their families. 


The state of Virginia has a progressive income tax system, which means that the more you earn, the higher percentage of your income you will pay in taxes. The state’s income tax rates range from 2% to 5.75%, depending on your income level. Virginia also has a sales tax of 5.3%, and many localities add their own sales taxes on top of that. Additionally, the state has a property tax that is assessed on real estate and personal property. Overall, Virginia’s tax burden is considered to be moderate compared to other states. According to data from the Tax Foundation, Virginia ranks 25th in the country for state and local tax burden as a percentage of income. This is another reason why Healthcare Quality Professionals find Virginia to be a great area to move to.


Virginia has a humid subtropical climate in the eastern part of the state, transitioning to a humid continental climate in the western mountains. Summers are hot and humid, with frequent thunderstorms, and winters are generally mild with occasional snowfall. The average temperature in Virginia ranges from the mid-80s Fahrenheit (30s Celsius) in the summer to the mid-40s Fahrenheit (7-8 Celsius) in the winter, though temperatures can reach extremes during heat waves and cold spells. It can be the ideal environment for Healthcare Quality Professionals looking to live in a state that has an overall mild climate. 

hospitals in virginia

Virginia has a number of top-rated hospitals that offer high-quality medical care. Some of the top hospitals in Virginia include the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, which is nationally ranked in several specialties including cancer, cardiology, and neurology. Other notable hospitals in Virginia include Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, which is nationally ranked in several specialties including gynecology and urology, and Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond, which is nationally ranked in several specialties including cancer and nephrology.

In addition to these larger hospitals, Virginia also has a number of smaller community hospitals and medical centers throughout the state that provide quality care to local residents. These include Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, and Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital in Roanoke. Overall, Virginia has a strong healthcare system with many options for medical care throughout the state. The many healthcare systems make it an ideal place for Healthcare Quality professionals to move to. 

Virginia, also known as the “Old Dominion State,” has many great reasons for people to move here. One of the main reasons to consider Virginia is its diverse range of landscapes, from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Virginia also has a rich history and many historic landmarks, including colonial Williamsburg and the Jamestown Settlement. The state also has a strong economy, with a high concentration of technology companies, government agencies, and military installations.

Another reason to move to Virginia is its excellent education system. The state has many highly ranked universities, including the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. The public school system is also highly regarded and consistently ranks among the top in the nation. Virginia is also home to many excellent private schools and specialized programs, including those for gifted and talented students.

Virginia also has a moderate climate that allows for a variety of outdoor activities year-round. The summers can be warm and humid, while the winters can be chilly but not typically severe. The state is also home to many beautiful parks and recreational areas, including Shenandoah National Park and Virginia Beach.

Finally, Virginia has a strong sense of community and a high quality of life. The state has many great neighborhoods and communities, each with its own unique charm and character. Virginia also has a rich cultural scene, including museums, theaters, and music venues. Overall, Virginia offers something for everyone and is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

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